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Sahara Pure Natural Yoghurt 2 KG

$6.49 $8.99

Our traditional option, Sahara Dairy Pure Natural Yoghurt is made from homogenized milk with a mild smooth flavour. This makes it the perfect match for a typical fruit and granola breakfast/snack and cooking your favourite dishes for family and friends. Naturally pot set and a natural source of protein, this is a must have in all of our fridges for a healthy and tasty diet.

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Serving Size: 100g  Serving Per Pack: 20

 Avg Quan. Per Serving Per 100g


337kJ 337kJ
 Protein - Total 6.4g 6.4g
            -Gluten  NIL  NIL 
Fat - Total  3.7g 3.7g
            -Saturated  2.7g 2.7g
Carbohydrates  5.5g 5.5g
            -Sugar  4.7g  4.7g 
Sodium  55mg  55mg 
Calcium 210mg  210mg 
Patassium 140mg 140mg