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Sahara Gözleme Lamb,Beef And Cheese 600 G (Twin Pack)


 Sahara Gourmet is proud to present it's new range of Gözleme.A traditional Turkish pastry that has conquered the tastebuds of many worldwide, Sahara Gourmet Gözleme is now only moments away from being yours. Flavours that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. Don’t forget to follow our cooking instructions so that it is golden brown. Enjoy this work of art!





Sahara Gözleme Lamb,Beef And Cheese 600 G (Twin Pack)

Ingredient Listing

Beef, lamb, onion, black pepper, red pepper,
köy cheese (milk, non-animal rennet, starter culture),
oregano, salt, vegetable oil,flour, water, yeastt

Contains Milk And Gluten

Nutritional Data

Serve size 300g 

Serves per pack 2 

Per serve

Per 100g 

Energy (kJ)


Fat, total (g)



- Sugars


2970 kJ 

32,7 g 

30 g 

15.3 g  

80.4 g 

0.6 g  

2370 mg  

990 kJ

10.9 g 

10 g 

5.1 g    

26.8 g 

0.2 g 

790 mg