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Sahara Fresh Deli Grazing Platter


Introducing the Sahara Fresh Deli Grazing Platter – the ultimate culinary delight for your gatherings! Crafted to impress and designed to satisfy, this exquisite platter is perfect for 6-8 people, making it the centerpiece of your next event.

πŸ₯© Beef Salami: Savoury and succulent, our beef salami adds a rich and meaty flavour that pairs perfectly with the other elements on this platter.

πŸ— Chicken Salami: For a lighter, yet equally flavourful option, our chicken salami provides a delightful contrast to the beef salami.

πŸ«’ Mixed Olives: A colorful assortment of olives – green, black, and Kalamata – delivers a burst of Mediterranean flavor and a delightful briny crunch.

πŸ§€ Aged Cheddar: The sharp and nutty notes of aged cheddar cheese elevate the platter with its classic, timeless appeal.

πŸ§€ Ciftlik Cheese: Discover the creamy indulgence of Ciftlik cheese, a perfect complement to the savoury meats and olives.

🍯 Plain & Chocolate Halva: Satisfy your sweet cravings with our decadent halva. Whether you prefer the classic plain or the rich chocolate variety, it's a sweet finish to your savoury journey.

Elevate your gatherings with the Sahara Fresh Deli Grazing Platter. Bursting with flavours, textures, and premium ingredients, it's the ideal choice for sharing moments and creating memories with friends and family. Order yours today and experience the art of gourmet grazing!

This product will be prepared to order. Please allow 24 Hours notice before collection/delivery.