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Ulker Teremyag 500g


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Creamy Butter Spread

Ulker’s Teremyag Butter Spread is fantastic for sandwiches and toast and is a bit creamier, with a lighter colour than standard margarine. Contains Vitamin E, A and D. Available in 250g tubs.

About Ulker

Ulker is a major Turkish food manufacturer, exporting to over 110 countries worldwide. Established in 1944, Ulker focused on taste, safety and nutrition in the manufacture of food products and the Ulker brand became a trusted household brand in Turkish families, associated with happy moments and memories. Today, Ulker has hundreds of sub-brands serving consumers with a huge variety of products, including biscuits, chocolate, candy, chewing gum, oil, dairy products, carbonated beverages, ice cream, coffee and baby food.