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Sahara Koy Soft Feta Cheese 13 KG


Köy Cheese originated in the region of Anatolia in Turkey where it can still be found today! Did you know Köy means village in Turkish? Many of these Turkish villages in the region of Anatolia surprise visitors and tourists everyday with their fresh and delicious cheese. Perfect in salads and in a variety of dishes, this soft grainy white cheese is less salty than feta. For that impeccable platter alongside olives, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, Sahara Köy Cheese is the natural choice.

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Serving Size: 100g  Serving Per Pack: 10

 Avg Quan. Per Serving Per 100g


540.5kJ 1081kJ
 Protein - Total 9.0g 18.0g
Fat - Total  9.8g 18.8g
            -Saturated  5.8g 11.6g
Carbohydrates  1.2g 2.4g
            -Sugar  1.2g  2.4g 
Sodium  38mg  76mg