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Pumpkin Seeds Australia Wood Smoked Pumpkin Seeds 250g


Dark green, naturally wood smoked Pumpkin Seeds.

-Gluten Free
-Zinc, Magnesium
-35% Protein

Our slow wood smoked pumpkin seeds are great to eat as a convenient snack or sprinkled over salads, pizza, stirfries or garnishing any dish.  Enjoy as a healthy snack at your next BBQ or add to a trail mix. The flavour is delicious, leaving you wanting more…

How did they come to exist? - from mistakes great products are created!
When drying pumpkin seeds late in the season when the weather was cold and damp, a farmer came up with a brilliant idea... light a timber fire in the drying shed. And the smoked pumpkin seed flavour was born!

Pumpkin Seeds are considered a "super food" due to their high amounts of nutrients such as magnesium, iron, zinc, protein, fibre and essential fatty acids which give you energy, immune support, reduces cholesterol, lubricates joints and keeps your skin healthy. 

Once you try our Pumpkin Seeds you will be tantalised by the taste and excited by the wealth of nutrients available.

Ingredients: Australian Pumpkin Seeds, natural cold wood smoked with apple box.

Nutrition Panel
Servings per package: 10 Serving size: 25g Serving size: 15g
Qty/serv. Qty/100g
Energy 606kJ 2423kJ
Protein 8.7g 34.9g
Fat - Total 11.1g 44.4g
-Saturated 2.2g 8.7g
Omega 6 5.0g 20.3g
Carbohydrate Tot. 2.8g 11g
-Sugars 0.9g 3.6g
Sodium 4.5mg 319mg
Magnesium 100mg 402mg
Zinc 1.75mg 7.0mg
Folate 6.5ug 26ug