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Mount Zero Olives Pink Lake Salt with Glenelg River Herbs 100 G


With a passion for provenance and quality we were over the moon to find delicious herbs in our very own Wimmera Region in Western Victoria. Our herb mix combines our own Pink Lake Salt and a carefully balanced combination of Glenelg River rosemary, thyme and oregano.
Glenelg River Rosemary is an iconic food producer in the Grampians region and creating a uniquely regional product has been a joy! We hope you enjoy.
Ideal for seasoning roasted vegetables, soups and pasta.

Mount Zero Olives is a family owned olive grove three hours west of Melbourne on the northern edge of the Grampians National Park in Victoria, Australia. Commitment to flavour, sustainable farming and a passion for quality ingredients defines Mount Zero and all that we gather.


Ingredients - 75% Natural Lake Salt, 25% Glenelg River Herbs.


Allergens - Not known allergens in salt or herb blend.


Nutritional Information:
Servings per package: 100
Serving size: 1g
Items  per serving  Per 100g
Energy  2 kJ  217kJ
Protein  0.0g  1.4g
Fat - total  0.0g  1.3g
Fat – saturated  0.0g  0.4g
Carbohydrate  0.1g  4.8g
 -sugars  0.0g  1.5g
Sodium  285mg  28500mg

Shelf life: 2 years.

Storage conditions: In a dry, cool, dark, clean and dry environment, away from odorous materials and 10°-25°C. The product is microbiologically stable.