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JC'S Rice Wheels BBQ 140g

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J.C.’s is a family business, building on more than two decades of history and several generations of Australian fruit merchants.
J.C.’s Quality Foods was launched in 1994 by Managing Director and Founder, Joseph Cannatelli. Born into a family with a long history of fruit merchants, Joseph has a natural affinity for the fruit, nut and produce business. With his youth spent working in produce wholesale markets, and later running his own fruit shop, Joseph understands the fresh food industry and to this day is passionate about supporting independent retailers.

Since its very early days, J.C.’s soon became known for the freshness and unrivalled quality of its products. Packets of freshly roasted cashews, naturally crisp almonds and health mixes soon built a loyal following of retailers and customers.

As the company grew, a move into improved warehouse and distribution facilities have helped J.C.’s supply customers the highest standard of service with even more efficiency. In 2005, J.C.’s products became available overseas – a proud moment in the company’s history.

Today, J.C.’s Quality Foods is still 100% family owned and operated, employing over 100 Australians across all states of the country. Joseph continues to lead his team of dedicated staff, partnering with Australian and international farmers and producers to supply products he is still proud to put his name to.