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Gippsland Pure Black Angus Homestyle Beef Burger 4 Pack 600 G


"Gippsland Pure Angus Burgers

Our Angus Beef is HGP free and raised on the open plush pastures of Gippsland in South Eastern Australia, geographically this is located at 38 degrees South and 147 degrees East. Home to the finest Angus beef in the world. Our low pressure forming system guarantees a tender and juicy burger with a faster cook me from frozen. Individually wrapped for food hygiene, security and convenience. For the most satisfying eating experience, look no further than Gippsland Pure Angus Burgers.

Gippsland Pure Angus Burgers are:
-Hormone Free
-Antibiotic Free
-100% Grass Fed
-Halal Certified

Ingredients: Beef (87%), Water, Onion, Milk Solids - non fat, Mineral Salt (451), Vegetable Gum (E407, E415), Dextrose, Sugar."