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Gachatha AA Filter - Plunger/French Press 250g

Gachatha coffee factory rests on a 392-acre piece of land between the villages of Muthuaini, Thiriku, Gachenge, and Kianjau. In 1963 the Gachatha farmers’ co-operative society was formed.

The area surrounding Gachatha is densely populated, so every effort is made to minimize impact of coffee activities. The factory treats all water in soak pits to ensure no contaminates run into the local waterways, which are a source for drinking water. The community also places great importance on protecting the indigenous trees that remain in the area, so that the local bird life can be sustained.

After picking, ripe cherry is brought to the factory by smallholder farmers, before it undergoes processing to remove the skin and pulp – known as the wet processing method. The long term goal of the co-op is to increase coffee production through farmer training, good agricultural practices, access to farm inputs and providing the most current printed materials on sustainable farming.

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-Process: Washed
-Region: Kenya, Nyeri, Karundu
-MASL: 2100
-Varietal: SL28, Batian, Ruiru 11
-Cup: Floral, berry, lavender & apple
-Roast: Filter