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Australian Organic Food Co Organic Apple & Strawberry Fruit Puree 120g


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100% Australian Organic Apple & Strawberry Fruit Puree - No Added Sugar!
Freshly harvested in season, full of natural flavour, our 100% Australian Organic Purees are good for your family's health and the environment!

Organic farming practices promote and protect soil health for future generations.
-Grown without Synthetic Pesticides or Chemicals
-No Added Sugar
-No Preservatives
-GMO Free
-BPA Free Packaging

100% Australian Certified Organic Fruit Grown By Australian Farmers.

Ingredients: Organic Apple (90%), Organic Strawberry (5%), Organic Plum (5%), Organic Lemon Juice

Australian Organic Food Co is a pioneering Australian Food company that partners with and supports our Australian organic farmers to grow, harvest, peel, chop, and create real wholesome organic foods from Aussie farms to your table